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"Heather is a child whisperer. She has this magical touch that ignites the inner flame that our daughter Jade experienced. In the beginning, we reached out to heather to help get our daughter in getting caught up in reading for school. She had fallen behind. Not only did Heather catch Jade up in lightening speed, but she also made it fun. Jade did not like reading in the beginning, but now loves it! We can't thank Heather enough." ~ Niko Buchanan

"I don't know what we would have done without Heather. Our Sylvie was entering second grade and she could barely connect letters of the alphabet to their corresponding sounds. Heather was quickly able to teach Sylvie all the reading knowledge she was missing. We were amazed and Sylvie looked forward to her lessons with Heather every week because she made the lessons fun, exciting and full of joy. I can't recommend Heather enough. She has a light filled exuberant energy that children really respond to and love. Every time that Sylvie sits down to read a book, I am reminded of this gift that Heather has given us." ~ Ellie Hadju

"Heather has a skilled and magical approach that as a new homeschooling parent is not only edifying but encouraging on so many levels. My son starting working with her and his interest and confidence in reading was sparked immediately. He felt so proud and inspired, "reading time with Heather" has now become a reason to go to bed early. She is a literary field trip to him! Especially during the isolation and monotony of covid, she has shown up as an educational life line, breathing excitement into his language arts curriculum. I only wish we had've started sessions with her sooner! Thank you Heather for all that you do and the connection you foster.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives!" ~ Laila Tov Perez

When Charli and Codi first met Heather, they were shy, uneasy about reading and apprehensive about writing. As they continued to meet with Heather and learn phonics and a variety of reading and writing skills, I saw them blossom overnight. It was actually incredible to watch, because there were so many times that I worried that my children would not be able catch up, that they would always be a level and step behind their peers. But, with Heather, in just under a year (2 times a week), they hopped a number of reading levels and are completely on par with their peers. I couldn't be more overjoyed about the work my children are able to produce because of the incredible tutelage they received in Heather's care. I would advise anyone whose child is needing support in literacy to work with Heather, without question. ~ Rozz Nash Coulon

Very simply, Heather changed the trajectory of my son’s school experience. He was struggling with reading, was behind, was starting to have more trouble in school, and also feel badly about himself. His confidence was low- and we were struggling. Heather provided amazing support that turned the tide. She did it with organization, dedication and passion. She is detailed, persistent and focused. She is tough- no doubt- but that’s because she believes that kids can make a change.  My son loved coming to see her, and came to love reading.  She also provided us, as parents the tools we needed to support him.  I am so proud to say that now my son loves reading and has consistently tested at least a grade level above.  He’s a reader now- and that is due in large part to Heather’s skill and love. ~ Allison Briscoe Smith

Our 6 year daughter Piper was in kindergarten when the pandemic hit and classroom learning came to an abrupt end.  6 months later we noticed reading was a struggle and we knew we needed outside help.  Luckily we were introduced to Heather, the most amazing reading coach on the planet!! We cannot say enough wonderful things about Heather, she is patient and truly amazing with kids.  From their very first session Heather was able to connect with Piper in a very special way and almost instantly reading became fun and not so scary.  Piper absolutely looks forward to each call and Heather does an amazing job of covering important material all while keeping Piper fully engaged.  We are forever grateful to have found Heather and we cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for Piper!  ~Cassie Hanson

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