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Ms. Heather


I am the daughter of two life-long teachers. I started my career in education upon graduating in 1997. After being a Kinder and 1st grade teacher, an Associate Director and then Director of Education, I kept my focus and passion on teaching kiddos to read, obtaining my Master's in Education (focusing on literacy and equity) at SFSU and got certified in Reading Recovery through Saint Mary's College. 

What is even more important to know is that I struggled to learn to read as a kid. I recall it feeling  impossible to figure out this code that seemed to come easily to so many others. One of the gifts I bring to the kiddos I work with is deep compassion of knowing their struggle. In addition to this direct understanding, my training has led me to understand how all the parts fit together and how to work from a place of strengths, building up confidence, and intentionally building skills in ways that make sense to them. Additionally I bring a sense of fun and playfulness that kids can relate to. Be sure to read the testimonials to hear from parents firsthand more!

I have been working specifically as a Literacy Specialist since 2010, focusing on 1st grade students who are considered below grade level standards. I also can work with Kindergartners and 2nd graders to give an extra boost or to get more caught up.

I adore helping kiddos become problem solvers and meaning makers in the process of learning to read, write...which translates to life!

Note: I am currently offering sessions via Zoom.


I look forward to connecting!

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